Five star cuisine: Chilean sea bass with cashews and pitayhayya

Today chef of Soluxe Club restaurant shares a spicy recipe from the renewed summer menu of the restaurant. Quite and easy to cook, this dish for sure will make your chef rating go high in the viewpoint of your friends and family.


To cook one portion you will need the following: Chilean sea bass – 180 gm, dell pepper – 90 gm, asparagus – 60 gm, Zucchini – 50 gm, Ginger – 5 gm, Chives – 5 gm, Garlic – 5 gm, cashew nuts – 40 gm, pitayhayya – 160 gm, salt – 6 gm. pepper – 6 gm, starch – 5 gm, sesame oil – 50 gm, olive oil – 50 gm, vegetable oil – 150 gm.

How to cook: 1. Cut the fish into small slices and marinate into the mix of salt, olive oil and pepper. Roll the fish in the starch and fry into wok. 2. Slice the vegetables into cubes and blanch. 3. Heat the vegetable oil into wok frying pan, all blanched vegetables and fish, and fry quickly with garlic and ginger. 4. Place the fish on the plate, add sesame oil, add cashew nuts and decorate with Pitahaya balls. 5. Serve gently to show the importance of the occasion.

Chilean sea bass with cashew nuts and pitahaya and other extraordinary dishes of the canton cuisine you are welcome to try at the Soluxe Club restaurant, located next to Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow.

Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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Bar Friday: Tea ceremony

On a rainy May evening it is great idea to invite your friends for the most global, emphatic and warm ritual – tea ceremony. But first, let us tell you 5 facts about tea:


  1.  This hieroglyph 茶 that means “tea” dates back to V B.C. and the tradition of tea ceremony in China is even more ancient.
  2. Tea in China is regarded as “one of the seven things, consumed on a daily basis”. For a Chinese person an invitation for a tea ceremony is one of the first signs of goodwill.
  3. Chinese tea culture is different from the British and Japanese according to its tradition of making the tea and occasions to drink tea.
  4. Traditional tea ceremony is called gong fu cha which means “The highest art”. Its main purpose – reveal all shades of the aroma & taste of the tea.
  5. Chinese claim that gong fu cha involves all five elements, so the used items and the steps are incredibly important

Would you like to see the traditional tea ceremony without leaving Moscow? At the Chinese restaurant Soluxe Club, located next to Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow you are welcome to try the ceremony with all the canons under the guidance of Chinese masters. Guests are welcome to order all major kinds of tea as well as the most special, Imperial. Learn more and order the tea ceremony: +7 (495) 785-77-70.

Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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Concierge’s tips of the week: try the salad with jellyfish, see the world premiere of the ballet by Ivan Vasiliev and take a ride on the Retro Train at the Moscow Metro.

– Soluxe Club restaurant, located next to Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow is getting ready to celebrate its first anniversary. To highlight this special occasion chef of the restaurant, Chen Yongjian has taken this seriously and updated the menu of the Cantonian cuisine. Some of the most exotic ingridients, like the jellyfish, is brought straight from China! The most risky gourmets are welcome to try the sweet dish of the Imperial cuisine “Khasma”: its ingredients are so special, that they are kept in secret until serving the dish. You are welcome to order tables at the Soluxe Club restaurant or at the cozy veranda with the view of Moscow river by the phone 8 (495) 785 7770

Салат с курицей, медузой и хрустящими овощами 540 рублей

– On May 18th, at 20:00 at the scene of the concert hall of Barvikha Luxury Village Ivan Vasiliev for the first time will present himself in a new amplua as a choreographer. The best Spartak, virtuose Bazil, elegant prince Desire and lyrical Albert now will have a chance to impress the guests of the evening as a young choreographer. Buy tickets here.


– To celebrate its 80th jubilee Moscow metro on May 15 and 16 will organize the Parade of the Trains. In addition to the typical “Rusich” trains on the circle line will go other types of trains: Yauza, Nomernoy, Ezh, 81-760 and a Retro Train. For 2 days passengers are welcome to ride any of the the trains for 2 days.


Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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Five star cuisine: Grilled Patagonian octopus

Today chef of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow Martin Repetto shares his recipe of grilled Patagonian octopus – non ordinary dish from the May gastronomy set, dedicated to Argentinian cuisine.


To cook one portion you will need the following: boiled octopus – 100gm, paprika – 4gm, olive oil – 20 ml, boiled quinoa – 100 gm, tomato concassé – 15 ml, canned corn – 10 ml, fresh pepper – 7 gm, tomato paste – 7 gm, cilantro – 1 gm, hot chili pepper – 6 gm, potato chips – 5 gm.

How to cook: 1. Fry the boiled octopus with olive oil & paprika on a grill frying pan. 2. Chop fresh pepper, add boiled quinoa, tomato concassé and canned corn. 3. Mix equal proportions of olive oil and tomato paste, let it simmer on a pan until it boils and loses one third of the liquid. 4. Place quinoa on a plate, put octopus on the top and pour it with tomato sauce. Decorate the dish with half of the chili pepper, coriander leaf and potato chips. 5. Serve with music of Argentinian tango!

The Grilled Patagonian octopus, mini rib eye and other national dishes of Argentinian cuisine can be ordered at the Lobby Bar and Executive Lounge of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow from May 1st until 31st 2015.

Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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Concierge’s tips of the week: see the Victory Parade, enjoy the festive fireworks from the best views and take memorable photos at the view of Moscow, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

On May 9th at 10:00 will start the Victory Parade, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Great National Victory. Almost 16 thousands of soldiers will walk through the Red Square, 194 heavy machine units pass by and 150 aircraft vehicles fly over. In terms of the celebration of the Great Victory will take place the national action “The Immortal Regiment”, entertainment program at the Poklonnaya Gora (Poklonnaya Hills) and festive fireworks. In the evening at the Patriarch Ponds will take place a concert of classical music.


Flotilla Radisson Royal, the official city venue for the celebration of the Victory Day, at all river cruises on May 9th will please the veterans of the Great Patriotic War. For all veterans on this day will be given a special present – free cruises on Moscow river on yachts of Flotilla Radisson Royal, front-line 100 grams of vodka and festive meal. Guests of the evening cruises will also have a chance of seeing the fireworks in the honor of 70 year Anniversary of the Great Victory.

On May 9th, located at the very top of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, BUONO restaurant and Mercedes Bar, are welcoming everybody to enjoy festive fireworks. Panoramic views of the city from all windows of the Bar and the Restaurant gives an opportunity to enjoy salute salvoes of all 16 firing points from birds eve view. If the weather would be gorgeous this bright fire show can be seen from the open summer terrace on the 38th floor. Guests will be treated with a special cocktail Eternal Flame, and performance of IceCoolBand. Reserve tables by phone: +7 (495) 229-83-08


Happy Victory Day, our dear country!

Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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FiveStar Cuisine: Argentinian Cuisine

Special menu set in Argentinian style will be served at the Lobby bar and Executive Lounge of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow from May 1st till 31th 2015.


Traditional Argentinean empanadas accompanied with pebre sauce, grilled Patagonian octopus served on a bed of quinoa salad, mind bowling mini rib eye accompanied with grilled provolone cheese and duo of chimichurri accompanied with glass of red vine Malbec Reserva, and for dessert – bread and apple pudding served with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Devoted son of Argentina and the official representative of the country*, chef of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, Martin Repetto, would like to introduce you the gastronomic masterpieces of his motherland, fulfilled with all his passion of his southern soul.

The May set menu of Spanish cuisine is one of the checkpoints of the gastronomy journey “Cuisines of the world” by Martin Repetto.  You can try the variety of world’s dishes each month at the Lobby Bar and Restaurant of Executive floor at Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow. The special gastronomy set is served in addition to the main menu to give the guests an opportunity to try different cuisines of the world.

Gastronomic calendar Cuisines of the World:

  • May: Argentina cuisine
  • June: Japanese cuisine
  • July: Brazil cuisine
  • August: Caribbean cuisine
  • September: India cuisine
  • October: French cuisine
  • November: Asian cuisine
  • December: Christmas culinary traditions

* The title of the official representative of Argentina was given to Chef of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow Martin Repetto on March 19, 2015. The honorary diploma was personally handed by Minister of Tourism of Argentina, Carlos Enrique Meyer. The same title belongs to the captain of Argentina National football team Lionel Messi.

Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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Concierge tips of the week: open the summer season, visit the Robostation and celebrate the May 1st at Flotilla Radisson Royal.

On April 29 at the main alley of VDNH was opened the Robostation exhibition from the creators of Ball of the robots. Try to play chess with robots, let them paint you a bit or even become the newlyweds with the help of robo priest. Plenty of things to do! http://www.робостанция.рф/


On May 1st Flotilla Radisson Royal welcomes everybody to celebrate May 1st on their cruises. At the pier of Flotilla you will be amazed with recently washed yacths in their festive decorations, funny photo collages and special contest from SportLoto!


On May 1st Chinese restaurants Soluxe Club, located next to Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow opens their summer terrace on the Moscow river where you will be welcomed with: festive menu, extended cocktail cart, gastronomy masterpieces from the famous chinese chefs, perfomances of young stars and for sure relaxing atmosphere.


Official website of Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow

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